1.I initially got in touch with Laura as we had been struggling to conceive and had a number of failed IVF cycles. I knew that my cycles were irregular and my hormones were imbalanced.

After a few sessions, I felt that I was so much more knowledgeable about what was happening during each week of my cycle and they started to become much more regular. I also found the sessions deeply relaxing and believe that this helped to balance my hormones. Although I had to stop my sessions due to covid, I picked up so many useful tips and recommendations from Laura which I believe have all led to me finally falling pregnant naturally.

I would 100% recommend Laura’s reflexology. She is extremely professional, lovely to chat to and unbeleivably great at what she does!

Dayna Wales, Codsall (September 2021)

2.I was really struggling with endometriosis and associated pain when I got in touch with Laura. I wasn’t sleeping and generally felt terrible.

Laura’s treatment made a huge difference very quickly. She was also kind enough to provide me with some tips to manage the pain when we were in lockdown.

She helped prepare me for surgery and even pinpointed the exact problem before the doctors! Life is much better now and I cannot thank Laura enough.

Lisa Cunningham, Birmingham (September 2021)

3.I initially thought of contacting Laura towards the end of 2019 as we had been struggling to conceive after 10 months (I had caught after 2 months with my first baby), but fortunately I then fell pregnant – but I knew I wanted some treatments for preparation for birth. In the year of Covid I was lucky that Laura was able to resume her services in September about 6 weeks before I was due.

I’d read about the benefits of reflexology in the weeks leading up to birth, and as I felt I hadn’t prepared very well mentally for my first birth – I wanted to make sure this one was a more positive experience. I also hoped for a spontaneous start rather than another induction. Combined with hypnobirthing my 4 sessions with Laura helped in a variety of ways – relaxation (I’d been home working with a 3 year old since March!) and the chance to practice my breathing. I was booked in for my 5th session a few days after my due date (18th Oct) but my waters broke on the morning of the 20th and my daughter was born that night. I truly believe the spontaneous start and shorter stages were down to the reflexology and helping me keep a positive and focused mindset throughout.

So Laura, I can’t thank you enough for helping to give me the experience I so wanted the second time round! It was also great having someone to talk to about any niggles and worries, especially as I’d had hardly any face to face midwife appointments! I highly recommend Laura – i thought initially it was just for fertility purposes but now can vouch for how it can help and boost your third and fourth trimesters!

Jenna Small, Wolverhampton (December 2020)

4.I started to have reflexology with Laura after I suffered a miscarriage, to help regulate my cycles.

During the initial appointment, the questions asked of me were thorough and necessary in order to know how to treat me as an individual.

I had a number of sessions with Laura which I found really helped with my cycle and all the helpful advice offered around diet and lifestyle.

Although I required intervention with the gynaecologist to remove a number of cysts from my ovaries, I strongly believe the treatment provided by Laura assisted me getting pregnant and I am happy to announce the safe arrival of my baby boy 2 weeks ago.

Laura was both very warm and professional and my experience with Laura had a positive impact on my general well being, as a result I am also keen to learn and try reflexology on my baby boy.

Thank You Laura

Amandip, Wolverhampton (November 2020)

5.Prior to starting my treatment with Laura I had never had reflexology before.  I found Laura to be very professional and informative.  As well as providing relaxing treatments and a listening ear, Laura also provided an abundance of information for me to take away.

Within two cycles of treatments Laura was able to regulate my basal body temperature so I could pinpoint the days I was ovulating.

I cannot thank Laura enough for the help and support she provided me in the 6 month period she treated me and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Laura also provided treatment during my final weeks of my pregnancy.  After several treatments leading up to my due date and one on my due date, I went into labour that evening giving birth to a happy, healthy baby the following day.

Lisa Macleod, Telford (April 2019)

6.I started to have reflexology with Laura after I’d had an ectopic pregnancy.  To help regulate my cycles, also for relaxation.  I had reflexology for a few months, which I found to really help, it regulated my cycles back to how they were before I got pregnant, all thanks to Laura’s hard work.

Having the treatment is so relaxing and Laura re assured me every step of the way, giving advice on vitamins, diet, exercise etc.

It was good to keep track and the difference it all made to my cycles.

I’m now pregnant with a healthy pregnancy in the right place and just waiting for our little one to arrive safely.

Terri Hossack, Wolverhampton (June 2019)

7.Before seeing Laura I was really struggling with my cycles, taking fertility drugs to help regulate them and suffering with PCOS.  I emailed Laura and explained everything and asked if she could help me to which she said she could.  This filled me with the hope that I needed.

I had had reflexology once before but didn’t feel it did anything but when I discovered Laura who specialised in fertility and maternity reflexology, I had to give it a go.

I found Laura very professional but so caring and understanding and felt immediately comfortable with her.  She gave me loads of advice and suggestions and tasks to do through out the weeks.  Having Laura there, I felt that I had someone helping me every step of the way, really wanting to help and reassuring me that I would get there.  She gave me hope!

I have been seeing Laura since June this year and I am now 20 weeks pregnant!  Without Laura’s help I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am now.  I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone.

Tia Jones, Wolverhampton (October 2019)

8.I saw Laura’s advert in the local mag and contacted her straight away. First I was curious to know about Reproflexology and what the effects to the body were.

The reason for me having this treatment is to relax and enjoy the foot massage that Laura provides with an aim of possibly conceiving in the future.

Now I have known Laura for over two months and really enjoy the professional approach and individual attention she gives to her clients.

Sarah, Wolverhampton

9. I used Laura twice for reflexology before I fell pregnant and actually conceived that month after a few months of trying. I then had a session done the day after my due date and went into labour that night and had my little boy 7 hours later. Laura made me feel so comfortable at each session and truly relaxed me! I would highly recommend anyone trying reflexology with Laura. Thank you.

Chloe Rooney, Wolverhampton (July 2022)

10. Thank you Laura for all your help and I believe reflexology helped us create this little bundle of joy, Gracie Barlow. She is a week old nearly already! Thank you for helping me relax and giving me tips to help conceive. I honestly believe the reflexology impacted me physically and mentally and my body felt different after having the sessions. Can’t recommend enough to anyone trying for a baby.

Hollie Barlow, Stafford (March 2022)

11. I would recommend Reflexology with Laura for anyone trying to conceive. Laura always put me at ease and is very skilled and knowledgeable. The sessions were always really positive and they set me up physically and emotionally for my pregnancy. Thanks for everything Laura!

Daisy Meadows, Stone (July 2022)