There is an abundance of anecdotal evidence which shows that ReproflexologyTM works well as a reflexology treatment.  However, below you can read more tangible evidence which supports this.

Barbara Scott of Seren Natural Fertility carried out a data collection study of 180 cases and found that the success rate was proven to be 68% of all cases, whether the couples were undertaking IVF or natural conception.  

It is important to note that these results can only be attributed to the protocols used in ReproflexologyTM and no other forms of reflexology.

The statistics

  • 180 cases
  • 68% success rate
  • 100 – natural conception
  • 22 – assisted conception
  • Age range – 24-46
  • Average number of reflexology treatments undertaken – 11.32

Specific Conditions

Undiagnosed infertility: Pregnancy – 70%; live birth rate – 70%

Endometriosis: Pregnancy – 65%; live birth rate – 55%

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): Pregnancy – 72%; live birth rate 57%

Amenorrhoea: Pregnancy – 91%; live birth rate 70%

Sperm motility issues: Pregnancy – 100%; live birth rate 50%

Sperm morphology: Pregnancy – 50%; live birth rate 50%

Ovarian cysts: Pregnancy – 100%; live birth rate 100%

Progesterone deficiency: Pregnancy – 50%; live birth rate – 100%

With some conditions the miscarriage rate is higher and this is usually because this is a known possibility with this particular kind of condition.

Reflexology For Fertility.  Barbara Scott, 2016 p10-p11